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Final Fantasy RPG


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Character Bios

Name: General Cloud Strife (owner of the RPG)
Job: Time Mage
HP: 60,000,000
Weapons: Broard sword, shuriken, tiger claws, and spear
Abilitys: lancet, focus, jinx, beast killer, undead killer, and mp+20%
Brithday: 9/14
Spells: ultima, shockwave pulser, firaga, and thundaga
Limit Break: Omnislash
Troops: 200 with 20HP
Name of army : The Knights Of Infinity
E-mail Address:
Name: General Adelbert Steiner (co-owner of the RPG)
Jobs: Samurai
HP: 100,000,800
Weapons: 3 katanas, tiger claws, and claymor
Abilitys: Ryu sonza, hitenmitsarugi, and Gentazu
Brithday: 5/18
Spells: fira, death, and acid
Limit Break: Getossu
Troops:100 samurai warriors with 20 hp each 
Name of army: Knights Of Pluto
E-Mail Address:
Name: Private Auron
Job: Hell Knight
HP: 60
Weapons: Broad Sword
Abilitys: Power Break and Magic Break
Birthday: 12/6
Spells: Cure
Limit Break: Shooting Star
Name: Zidane Tribal
Job: Soldier
HP: 60
Weapon: Theif Sword 
Ablites: Level up, Add status 
Spell: Thunder 
Overdrive: Steller Cricle 5
B-day: May 25
Name: Seifer Almasy
HP: 80
Job: Holy Swordsman
Weapon: Ragnarok (huge knight sword)
Abilities: Quick Hit, Auto-Regen
E-Mail Address:
Birthday: January 30th
Spells: Shockwave Pulsar
Overdrive: Bladebeam
RPG Sgeesstions: I can show you how to protect and destroy many things.
Birthday: January 30th
Spells: Shockwave Pulsar
Overdrive: Bladebeam
RPG Sgeesstions: I can show you how to protect and destroy many things.
Name: Cait Sith
HP: 60
Job: Wizard
Weapon: Short sword
Abilities: Auto-regen and quick hit
E-mail address:
Birthday: July 2
Spells: Thundaga
Limit Break: slots( The slots can be anything ).
you could probably make some kind of skill where you could freak out the enemy, like make him scared and he will run'll still get the experience maybe.(but i am not sure if you already have that yet or not.
Name: Tifa lockheart
HP: 60
Job: Dancer
Weapons: Iron fists
Abilities: Heal and Ice
E-Mail Address:  
Birthday: May/8/1988
Spells: Fire
Limit Break: Beat Rush
Name: Seymore
HP: 1,000
Job: Summoner
Weapons: Gunblade
Abilities: focus , mug
E-Mail Address:
Birthday: 7/7/87
Spells: Fire
Aeon: Ifrit
Limit Break: Grand summon
Suggestions: Make an aeon page.
Name: Squall Leonhart
HP: 120
Job: Captain
Weapons: Gunblade
Abilities: Steal, Lancet
Birthday: March 14
Spells: Ultima
Overdrive: RoughDivide
Name: Tidus
HP: 90
Job: Holy Dragon
Weapons: Assassin
Abilities: Flee, Lancet
Birthday: 12/5/1990
Spells: Curaga
Overdrive: Blade Beam
Name: Zell Dincht
HP: 80
Job: Dragoner
Weapons: Dragon Claw
Abilities: Provoke, Sentinal
Birthday: 6/16/88
Spells: Fire
Overdrive: Dragon Fire
Name: Randi
HP: 70
Job: Knight
Weapons: Explodia
Abilities: Auto-Regen, Add-Status
Birthday: Oct. 17, 1989
Spells: Fire
Overdrive: Tidal Flame
Name: Rikku
HP: 90
Job: Geomancer
Weapons: Metal fans
Abilities: Reflex, Steal
Birthday: July 7
Spells: White Wind
Overdrive: Mix